Madisyn, Class of 2017

Being a part of Team 17 meant a lot to me. It was more than me just paying for someone to take my senior photos, it was an experience that I will never forget. I met and made relationships with people I would’ve otherwise not of met. Rhonda and Angela were always so sweet, and they are very good at what they do. My senior session was such an amazing experience, and they are a big part of why it was! The pictures are always of great quality, and they always capture the best moments. People always say, “Pictures are worth a thousand words,” and in every picture Lainiemac takes there is a story being told.

My experience with LainieMac was everything I expected/wanted, plus some. Both my summer and fall sessions were both super fun and laidback. Mrs. Rhonda and Mrs. Angela were both very open to my ideas, and actually took what I did and did not want into mind. They’re also some pretty creative ladies. They took the vision I had in mind and made it even better!

Callie, Class of 2017

Shelby, Class of 2016

I had a GREAT experience with my senior session. Y’all made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Everything that I wanted to do, you guys made it happen, including the craziest ideas. From making a homemade swing to stepping in swampy water y’all really committed to making my senior pictures & shoot memorable. Thank y’all so much for the experience & the gorgeous pictures!

LainieMac was such a great experience. They provided a memorable experience and quality portraits.  The sessions (group sessions and senior sessions) were fun and very enjoyable. Rhonda and Angela work good together and are such a great team, they are also very professional. The pictures were of very high quality and were worth the time and effort in this journey. Everyone was so impressed with them. LainieMac goes lengths and they want the pictures and the experience to be the best.

Prim, Class of 2017

Shooting with you was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I was afraid it would be a little awkward, or uncomfortable, being in front of the camera the whole time, but you made the whole thing fun! We played around while you helped me with poses and got beautiful photos in the process. You were super nice throughout and open to ideas, I’d definitely do it again! Thanks again though, the book was beautiful and the whole thing was so fun!!

Alexa, Class of 2016

My experience shooting with you, Mrs. Angela and Mrs. Rhonda, made my senior year so special! Everything about my shoot I absolutely loved! It wasn’t awkward, it was just very laid back and a wonderful experience! I have a passion for photography and ya’ll have helped me grow and learn more with letting me experience this first hand. These two ladies are both so talented and down to earth. I appreciate your hard work and all of the experiences you have shared with me. Give them a chance to shoot your senior, your wedding, your family or any other kind of photos that you need, because you will love their amazing work!

Allison, Class of 2016

Madison, Class of 2017

Being on Lainie Mac’s Team Seventeen has made my senior year so unique and so rewarding. I’ve been able to capture moments otherwise forgotten and those pictures are something I’ll be able to cherish forever. We’ve gotten to do so much more than take pictures, like develop lasting friendships with people outside our school systems & community service projects so humbling and fun.”

Montana, Class of 2017

Being a team 17 model means being selected based upon character, service, and leadership. The application process allows well-rounded individuals to be selected. Because of this process, I was able to meet 12 incredible girls. If not for this experience, it is possible we never would have crossed paths; for that, I am thankful. LainieMac Photography doesn’t just provide pictures and prints; they provide an experience. From outfit planning to ordering prints, they are involved and helpful. Being a LainieMac model brings with it lots of benefits. In other words, freebies! Who doesn’t like freebies, am I right? My favorite part of being on team 17 is the community service opportunities. Being able to serve the patients at Westbury Medical Care Home by painting and filing their fingernails was a rewarding experience.  I highly recommend becoming a member of their future modeling teams. I have been satisfied with all of the pictures as well as the overall experience.

Kaylee, Class of 2017

My introduction meeting was a little different than most of the others.  I wasn’t able to make the regular meeting so Angela drove to Griffin and met us at a coffee shop.  She seemed like a fun person to work with and she brought so many samples for us to look at.  We went over the program in detail and I was excited about trying something new and joining a team of other girls my age for my senior year.  A few weeks later Angela drove all the way to Senoia to drop off my goodie bag with my Team17 t-shirt which I love.  It’s stylish and cute and I’ve enjoyed wearing it and promoting LainieMac.  I also thought it was so thoughtful for them to take time out of their busy days to drive our goodie bags to each of us.  

The day of our sprint photo-shoot was so much more fun than I had expected.  I didn’t know any of the other girls so the make up and headshot session gave me a chance to get to know everyone a little.  Our make up artists were friendly and helped put me at ease since I was pretty nervous.  Once we got to the shoot location in Macon I loved it immediately.  The spots they’d scouted out were perfect for all of us and the style of clothes they’d suggested we wear.  Rhonda kept making jokes and getting so excited about the pictures that it was impossible not to get excited and laugh with her.  Even though I’d only spent about 30min with Angela, they both found a way to make me feel comfortable and beautiful posing for the pictures around a group of complete strangers.  

Getting ready for my senior session was a little stressful with school and work taking up so much of my time in October.  I was able to send them outfit ideas through GroupMe, which took a lot of pressure off me.  They made sure we had had everything timed out perfectly so we had the best lighting for the pictures.  I had to be in Jackson really early that morning but it was so worth it.  My makeup was amazing and I started to feel like a real model.  The ladies drove back to my hometown to take pictures in a place that I have so many memories in.  That probably meant more to me than they will every know.  The excitement from both of them was infectious and I had so much fun I really wasn’t ready for it to end.  It’s no secret that I have serious self-esteem issues but when they’re taking my pictures, all of that seems to disappear.  

 My session reveal day was so exciting especially after seeing a couple of sneak peeks that morning.  Angela had everything setup when we got there and seemed just as excited as we were.  The pictures were amazing and the video made my mom and I cry.  They had so many options for the pictures and keepsakes.  You can tell they love what they’re dong and they take so many pictures it’s mind blowing.  I couldn’t wait to get home and show everyone.  

 The same day we volunteered at a senior living home in Jackson.  It was another chance to bond with my fellow Team17 members and get to know them a little better.  It also felt really good to be able to bright the day for the other residents.  

  Overall I’ve enjoyed being a member of Team17 more than I ever expected to.  Not only do I have the pictures to remember it by, but a load of memories stretched out over an entire year.  Thank you to Angela and Rhonda for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful group.

I am so very happy with all of my senior pictures and this entire experience overall. Both of you were extremely helpful with everything throughout the process. From outfit choices, location, and just little things to help me with my first photography experience! Every question I had was answered and I’m so glad I chose LainieMac. Thank you!  

Cayce, Class of 2016

Parent Raves

Our experience with LainieMac Photography and Team Seventeen has been nothing but positive and amazing! They went out of their way to get to know both of my girls and their personalities. This was beyond evident in the many amazing photos that were taken of them. I could not have asked for a better experience for both of my senior girls! I would highly recommend LainieMac to anyone for their photography needs you will not be disappointed.

Stephanie, Prim and Madisyn’s mom

The senior photoshoot was breathtaking at Nash Farms with the sunset as the background. To see one’s youngest pose and be free with her beauty was amazing. As a mother, I would recommend LainieMac to all families. They can bring out the inner beauty and style in anyone.

Katie’s mom

The canvas is beautiful!  I absolutely love seeing it every time I walk through the living room.  You ladies have outdone yourselves with Madison’s senior pictures.  Not only are you two very talented but your love of what you do really shows through the photos.  Madison’s session in Atlanta was a blast for her and as usual LanieMac when over and above what was expected.  I will definitely be calling you for any future portrait needs.  Thanks again for the amazing job and allowing Madison to be part of your Team 17.  

Christie, Madison’s mom

My daughter, Callie, had a summer and fall senior session with LainieMac, and we were very pleased with both sessions. Angela and Rhonda are very professional and made Callie feel completely comfortable the entire time. Her summer session was in downtown Forsyth, and that could have been very awkward with traffic and people everywhere, but they made her feel completely at ease. The images turned out amazing! We were very satisfied with the whole collection. I would highly recommend LainieMac to anyone who is looking for a senior photographer!

Lori, Callie’s mom

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