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At LainieMac Photography, we love being a part of your entire senior year. Your photos should be more than just one session; they should tell the story as one of the most important years of your life unfolds. Read more to find out what we offer!
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Obviously, this is the most important photo session of your year. We always tell seniors that this is the only time that photos will truly be all about YOU. Embrace it! We want this time to be not just a session, but an experience. We help each senior plan his or her session from outfit choices to location to what to do with your hair. Each of our sessions includes professional make up, so you get to be pampered by our MUA and look your best for these oh so important portraits. If you don’t have a blast at your session, we’ve done something wrong! We work with you during your session to help with posing and feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. After each session, our seniors come to one of our home offices for their very own reveal sessions. During this time, our senior view their photos, and we work together to help build the perfect package of amazing and custom products designed specifically for seniors.



This year, we’ve added in the option for senior minis!  These are perfect for the senior who wants a shortened version of a full session OR wants more camera time with us!  Book a mini and a full session and save!




Our spring sessions focus on a very specific aspect of your senior year.  They are also minis, meaning they are a shortened version of a full session. This allows us to keep the cost low for you while giving you the opportunity to document so much that happens during the spring of your senior year.

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What is high school without friends? Grab a few of your besties and come together for a BFF mini session. Bring as few or as many friends as you’d like! We’ll photograph you being you. Those sweet photos will make memorable keepsakes to hang on your college dorm walls.

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Amazing gown.  Check.  Fancy Tuxedo. Check.  You and your friends ready for the best night of the year. CHECK!  We just LOVE prom sessions. We run our prom minis in a similar structure to our BFF minis. There is no limit to the number in your crew!

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This is where we get a bit sentimental.  We promise we won’t cry (much) at this session.  We dedicate an entire series of family mini sessions to families with seniors. We know how precious this time is for your family as you prepare to leave the nest, and we love being able to offer sessions to capture that time.

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:insert Pomp and Circumstance music: You’ve made it! This is it! Within just a few weeks of these sessions, you’ll be walking across the graduation stage, and high school will just be a fond memory. Cap and Gown minis are intended to be solo sessions, but we also love friends booking back to back sessions to share this moment together.




We’d love to be a part of your senior year, big or small! For a limited time, we are offering a LainieMac Spring Pass to any graduating senior within 45 minutes of the Jackson and Monticello areas. This pass includes 10% off any of our spring mini sessions. Simply join our Class of 2018 VIP mailing list below by August 31st, and we will send you your free pass.




Join the VIP mailing list AND BOOK YOUR SENIOR SESSION with LainieMac by August 31st and get the ULTIMATE LainieMac Senior Pass.
This pass includes a one time 15% off discount at Belle Bottoms Boutique in Jackson so that you can shop in style for your senior session PLUS 20% off any of our spring mini sessions.


We can’t wait to be a part of your senior year!

Angela and Rhonda

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